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Dear Jesus...Love, Your Daughter

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Dear Jesus,

My heart would have given out long before if it were not for You.  In fact, I would have been dead a half-dozen times over were You not my mighty fortress.  Precious Jesus, Your merciful, gentle care of me overwhelms my soul, and it drives me here to my knees in tearful praise. 

I still have no idea what You are doing in my world—but knowing doesn’t matter so much anymore.  It could be high noon, and still I cannot see my next step.  But then I meet with You in Your Word, and a ray of Your Light illumines the spot where I am to set my foot down.  And Lord, I thank You now for not showing me that step in advance, for I know I only would have fretted over Your perfect plan.  It is enough for me that You know that next step and hold me steady as I walk. 

I find myself resting on You more and more lately, Jesus, leaning heavily on You, finding that is the only way to stay upright against the winds of trials and temptations.  And though humans tend to give way if I lean too much on them, I am so thankful that You, Lord Jesus, are not just my resting place, but my Rest.  You’re not just my support for leaning—You are my very life Support!  I want to live that every second of every day! 

My Lord, my Love, it shames me that I ever wander to other sources of fleeting comfort.  I ask Your forgiveness for this.  The best the world has to offer for comfort is like a garbage bag for protection against a hurricane.  The world’s offers are foolishness, and I cling to You, my Strength, and ask that You would hold me close to You and seal my heart with Your Kingly name. 

I love you, Lord Jesus, and I wait on You alone!
In the precious name of Jesus I pray these things. 


  1. Amen indeed. Thank you, Lauren, for sharing this beautiful prayer.

  2. Mmmmm...what a touching prayer..


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