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Mirror, Mirror of My Heart

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I look into the mirror,
And I don’t like who I see.
An awkward, blemished person
Who cannot really be me.

I claw my skin and look in;
My filthy heart is rotting,
Is heinous like none else,
Is sin-clogged, hardly pumping.

I turn away, disgusted,
To beautiful Jesus' gaze.
His eyes show no repulsion
As His pierced hands touch my face.

He strips all my ugliness;
He swathes me with His beauty.
He carves out my foul, sick heart;
A newborn one He gives me. 

I smile into the mirror,
And I see Jesus, clearer. 
I go with Him; the old me
Is left beneath the mirror. 


  1. Lauren, that is so beautiful!!! You did an amazing job! And those are such comforting truths!

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Lynnae--Those truths comfort me as well, so often! This world focuses on good self-esteem, but really I must focus on who I am in Christ!
    Nela--You're welcome! Thank you for reading!
    Debbie-Lynne--It's good to hear from you again! Your encouraging words always bring a smile to my face! (-:

  4. Beautiful poem, Lauren!
    It goes along with some thoughts I had this morning in church. Only Christ knows the real me and though I want to "hide" in shame, I instead must run humbly to Him. To the only One who can change the real me to become who He intended me to be - like Him.

  5. Beautiful, Lauren! The "I claw my skin" made me think of Eustace - we really are so helpless to change ourselves...

  6. Wonderful, thank you for sharing!

  7. Ruthie--I'm so glad that Christ, in knowing the real me, yet loves me! That is the amazing thing!
    Sarah--I can't remember if I was thinking of Eustace when I originally wrote this, but I know that thought came to me as well when I was refining the poem to post! I love that part of Eustace's story!
    TC--Thank you! (-:


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