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Lilla Rose Giveaway!

Ever since I had any hair to speak of, I have loved my hair “pretties,” as the girls in my family have always called them.  Flowered headbands, bejeweled bobby pins, cute barrettes…they all catch my eye.  As I’ve grown older, however, my hair pretty box has shrunk, primarily because I have grown more particular in my tastes—construction-vest orange scrunchies on symmetrical sides of one’s head do not a hairstyle make.  Other doodads are eliminated because they hurt my head, or because they can’t handle my mid-back length yet fine and stick-straight hair. 

Several weeks ago, Mrs. Bambi Moore contacted me about the possibility of holding a giveaway for the Lilla Rose flexi-clip.  She is a consultant for Lilla Rose and offered to send Mikaela and I each a clip to test and review, and then she would do a giveaway for you all.  Having a hunch that you guys just might enjoy hair pretties as much as I do, I agreed!

I had heard of flexi clips before, but had never tried anything like them.  When I received the clips in the mail, I first noticed how elegant and lovely they are—they definitely meet my criteria for beauty in a hair accessory! 

I got the clip in extra small for a half-up style, and Mikaela chose medium for a french twist-type style.  I was worried about choosing the correct size, but I measured my ponytail, followed the helpful styling video and instructions on the Lilla Rose site, and both sizes ended up being perfect! 

The clips are easy to put in as well.  For the half-up style, the clip stays put in my fine, slick hair quite nicely.  I do like a lot of “pouf” and shape in the front for this style, and the flexi clip wouldn’t hold that pouf in place.  One bobby pin was all it took to give me the desired look, and then the flexi clip worked beautifully.  I will definitely be wearing this style in the future. 

I loved the look of the half-up style with the flexi clip, but the medium size clip with a french twist is even more stunning!  Again, for my hair I “pouf” it with a few bobby pins, then twist the rest of the hair up and secure with the clip.  The style Lilla Rose calls “tails up” is one I’ve rarely been able to master with a hair claw, but I love how it looks with the flexi clip.  I know I will be turning to this style a lot in the future! 

Now on to the exciting part…the giveaway! 

Rules for the Giveaway: 
-You must be a follower of One Bright Corner
-You must live in the US or Canada
-You must enter first with one mandatory entry, and then leave any extra entries in separate comments.
-Mandatory entry: Visit Lilla Rose and pick your favorite flexi-clip style, then come back and leave a comment saying which one was your favorite. 
-Extra entry: follow Nursery of the Nation (Mrs. Moore's blog and the place to find out about the latest Lilla Rose sales!) and leave a separate comment stating that you did so.
-Extra entry: Blog about this giveaway and leave a separate comment with a link to your post.
-Extra entry: Put the One Bright Corner blog button on your sidebar and leave a separate comment stating that you did so. 

The giveaway will run through November 4th, 11:59 PM, Pacific time.  The winner will be chosen at random and announced within the next few days on this blog.  The winner then has 48 hours to comment with his or her email address or a new winner will be chosen.  When the winner comments with the email address, the address will not be published, but it will be emailed to Bambi Moore who will get in contact with you and mail you the voucher for a flexi-clip valued at $15 or less. 


  1. What a great product! I like the "simple band" clip. It would work with so many different types of outfits. :-)

  2. I have the "One Bright Corner" button on my blog.

  3. Love love love!!!!! The clips are so gorgeous! My favorite is the Antique Style with jet dangles!! Even if I don't win, I think I will be getting myself one!

  4. I would pick the multi-colored stone cluster!

  5. I follow Nursery of the Nation :)

  6. I really like the Fairy one...soo pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! But dear Lauren, how does one start to go about choosing which is her favorite hair band?:)Lol, I think my favorite is the Simple danglie or the Mighty celtic knot.

  8. I added your blog button to my sidebar.;D

  9. I'm following Nursery of the Nation.

  10. They are all so pretty! I would love the silver scroll-work heart in size medium.

  11. They are all so pretty, but I love the Flexi Hair Clip!

    And I follow your blog....


  12. What a fun giveaway! Thank you for hosting it!!

    It's so hard to pick a favorite style as they are all so pretty :), but I think one of my favorites is the "Silver celtic butterfly" (maybe large size?).

  13. I put the "One Bright Corner" blog button on our sidebar!

  14. What a great idea a giveaway is fabulous advertising - I know because I went to the website to see and ended up choosing 3 to order - my favourite - the small Petite Dragonfly is one still on my wishlist!

  15. Thanks for having this giveaway! I like the Open Heart Dangle clip. It's so pretty!


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