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Everyday Fab Hair

Several weeks ago, Ryan, my eleven year-old cousin, commented on my hair.

"Mom," she said, "that's the style I want for my prom."

I laughed and told her that she could come down to my house when the time comes, and I would do her hair for her.

"Yeah, well, not all of us can have fab hair everyday," she said with a grin.

My dear--you can have fabulous hair everyday! So, in honor of your twelfth birthday this week, I'm going to show you exactly how I did my hair that day (though the offer is still good for you to come down here for a hair-styling session).

Start out with damp, shoulder-length or longer hair--the less layers, the easier your job is. Part your hair on the top of your head the way you like it (I did a side part, but a center part works great too). Take your fingers and loosely divide your hair in the back, pulling equal amounts to both sides. You don't need  perfect part for the back, and irregularity helps to hide the part! Brush everything out as smooth as possible, and use gel if necessary to get everything to lay down neatly.

 Now take a small section at the top of your head and divide it into two pieces.
 Pull the section closest to your face over the other section. Pull tight (as shown in picture below). Now add a small section of hair to the piece closest to your face (much like a french braid technique) and cross it over the other section. Pull tight. Continue doing this all the way down. You can stop in the middle or go further to the side to get an off-centered, side-swept look.

Once you have finished the first side, pin it up securely (or get a helping hand to hold it for you), and move on to the other side. Again, you're dividing the hair into two sections and pulling the piece closest to your face over the other piece. Pull the top piece up and the bottom piece down to tighten the twist and then pick up more hair to add to the piece closest to your face. Check out this YouTube video for a live example of the process.

 When you finish, hold your twist tightly while undoing the other side. Bring them together, being careful to keep the crown of your head smooth, and secure with a ponytail holder. Now, you can stop here, curl the ponytail, wrap a piece of hair around the elastic and pin with a bobbypin to hide the ponytail holder, braid the hair, or put the hair up into a bun (the option I went for). With accessories, different partings, and creative finishes, the possibilities are almost endless for this hair style.

Use bobbypins to smooth out any unruly and bumpy strands, and to secure loose parts of the twist so your fabulous hair doesn't come out halfway through the day. Spray the whole thing and smooth down your fly-aways, and your look is complete.

Happy Birthday, Ryan! Your siblings are so blessed to have you as their wonderful big sister, and I am always encouraged by your sweetness to them and your pleasant spirit. How glad I am to have you as part of the family! I hope you will continue to seek God this year, and follow the command of I Timothy 6:11-12: "But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses."

Scripture taken from the New King James Version. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


  1. What fabulous hair! It looks beautiful. :)

  2. That you-tube channel has lots of adorable hair ideas!!

  3. Thanks, Ruthie! Elizabeth--isn't that channel awesome? And how sweet that it's a mom doing her daughter's hair. ;-)

  4. Awww.... Mikaela. Thanx for the info I'd love to do my hair like that. You're so sweet to write this! Hope to see you again soon so we can go on another hiking adventure! Love ya!

  5. I love your "concentration" face Mikaela. :)
    It is so interesting to me that I can still always tell which one of you is writing a post without looking... I wonder if I would be able to tell you apart in person? We'll have to test that out someday. :)
    Kelsey <3

  6. Your welcome, Ryan. Practice on Cami first, and then try it on yourself. ;-) Yesterday was so much fun!

    Kelsey--I honestly LOL'd when I read your comment. My concentration face! ;-) I'm curious to know--can you put your finger on the differences between Lauren and my writing?

    I'm guessing you'd be fairly good at telling us apart in person. You've obviously learned to tell the difference between our personalities, so you might need a few minutes to figure it out, but I think you'd tell the differences pretty easily. I am going to start praying for a chance for us to meet sooner rather than later--it would be so wonderful!

  7. I'm trying to think--I really don't know what it is that's different...I just know, I guess!

    Are you more precise/details-oriented? And is Lauren more laid back/happy-go-lucky?

    It would be SO amazing to meet you guys in person! I will pray too!
    I think our next family vacation will be to the West coast, since we've never been out there, so it could happen! We have relatives near the Dalles and people we know near Portland...I can't remember exactly where you guys are at, but I think it was somewhere around there? I can't even remember, are you guys in OR or WA? I'm thinking Washington.
    I wonder how many people we both know that we don't know we both know. :P We should compare notes sometime.

    Hope you have a great day! (It's very windy/sunny here, how's your weather?)
    Kelsey :o)

  8. Kelsey--you're right! Although I never considered it before, that probably does come across in our writing.

    How perfect if you come out here! Yes, we're in Washington...can you comment with your email address (I won't publish it). Then I'll tell you exactly where we are at, and we can dream about getting together some time. ;-)

  9. PS: rain and 60--pretty typical WA weather. Everyone is ELATED because 80 degree weather is being predicted for the weekend. Our first of the year!

  10. That is so sweet of you to do for your cousin! And very good job explaining exactly how to do your hair!


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