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Our Corner Turns Two

Well, if you've clicked on this post instead of--heaven forbid!--skimming these first sentences in your feed, then you've noticed the most obvious excitement for this week: our brand, spanking-new blog design! Ara from My Designer Girl created all of this for us, though, sadly she shut down her business at the beginning of this month. (We're hoping the two are not related. ;)

All is not lost, though, because she's offering a giveaway for you guys! Ara will provide the "Surprise Designal"--what we chose for our blog--which includes a new, custom-designed header, background paper, and installation--plus three to eight surprise extras of her choice. Did you notice our new tabs, our post dividers, our sidebar titles, our blog button, our new signatures, and more? So many cool details--we can't wait to see who wins this and what Ara comes up for you!

Also, we put ourselves to work and came up with something we're quite proud of--a piece of jewelry that is not only artistic and beautiful, but also will be a reminder to brighten your corner! We're giving away two of these charms, with love. (Due to some unfortunate and unforseen setbacks. the official photos of these delightful charms will have to wait until a bit later this week. However, they look something {and only something!} like this photo.)

So, how to enter? We will have three separate winners; you cannot win more than one item; and one entry will give you a chance to win any one of these three prizes. For the first entry, you must be a follower of our blog and leave a comment on this post with a question for us or a suggestion for a future blog post. After this entry, there's also some extra credit! You can gain an extra entry by
  • Putting our new blog button (you'll find the code on the sidebar!) on your blog
  • Following Ara on her personal blog, Shilah
  • Announcing the giveaway on your blog
For each extra entry, please leave a separate comment telling us that you did it! (Do not include all your entries in one comment, as this will make our job more difficult when we sift through all the entries.) Your comments must be entered by midnight PST, Monday, February 28, and we'll announce the winners in Tuesday's post on March 1.

Remember how we're asking for questions or suggestions in your entry comment? We did this last year, too, and we got so many great ideas that kept us busy through over the past year. However, we're not just planning on blogging through these ideas this year. We're also planning on uploading a video on Friday with answers to some of the questions you might pose! As much as we try to open up through our writing, there's just nothing quite like seeing someone with their personality and idiosyncracies. Here's hoping we won't scare you off!

We hope that you enjoy our new design, our giveaways, and our special guest posts this week. Honestly, we're doing all this for you, because without our readers, our followers, and most importantly, our commenters, we would not have persisted in blogging for two years. If you've been lurking for awhile now without introducing yourself, now's your chance! Your insights, encouragements, friendships, and "just-wanted-to-let-you-know-I'm-reading-comments" mean so much to us and make us excited to blog every Tuesday and Friday. This week is our big "thank you" to you--thank you, thank you, thank you! To God be the glory!




  1. Love your new blog and I am truly exctied to read your blogs in 2011. Your insight is very inspiring!
    I am a follower and my question is:
    How do you keep your attraction to boys on the "downlow"? What steps do you take to make sure you are not wrapped up in every boy that may be interested in you...keeping your mind on what God has in store for you now and waiting patiently for what He may have in store for you in the future?
    I guess I am assuming this is easier for you than other girls your age because your blog is rarely about boys or love, which is something on a lot of girls' minds at your time in life. I think your answers could be useful/helpful in training up my daughter.
    sorry this is so long!

  2. I know this is two questions but it has been on my mind since one of your previous blogs. (Don't worry I will understand this isn't an entry for the prize!) Could you post some pictures or give websites of what you would find is appropriate for swimming attire on a Christian woman?

  3. I LOVE your new look! I think it is - for lack of better words - phenomenal!
    My question is when are you coming to the East Coast next?

  4. WOW! Congratulations on your anniversary!

    I have so much to ask you guys but I will give the first one now. I am not trying to discuss this on my blog as well as with my friends because we have different religions but I have high respect for the belief of anyone and we get along well despite the differences. I'm a Catholic and my bestfriend is a Christian, and I too attend Sunday Christian mass sometimes on invitations.

    Here it is:

    Questions How do you see the other religions? or What can you say about other religion?(Catholic, Mormons, Jehova's Witness and others).

  5. Wow, the new look is "smart," as they say here in Uganda! I really like it. So, yes, I am a "follower" (and proud of it!) and I would love to someday read your tips and ideas for writing a good blog post. It is obvious you have penned some good posts, considering your large following and being named "Blog of Note."
    Okay, and one more suggestion for a post - How have you two maintained such a great relationship, i.e. what advice you would you give to other pairs or sets of sisters?
    I am looking forward to what the rest of the week holds! :) Blessings to you both!

  6. I also wrote about your blog and giveway on my blog. :) (But, I tried and failed to add your blog button. :( Not sure what I am doing wrong there...)

  7. I would have to say that I'm one of those skimmers... usually.

    As usual, the blog design is excellent and fits very well with the posts. I enjoy reading your posts occasionally although I don't usually take the time to comment.

    Congrats on 2 years and almost 700 followers!

  8. I've been blogging 4.5 years, and only have 13 followers? I'm not entering your contest, but could you send followers my way?

    Your new design is pretty. Very understated, elegant and feminine! I like it. Makes me wonder if I should redesign mine. Nah...I'm bold and flashy, so my design reflects me. Yours is in keeping with your sweet, gentle spirits. Your Mama has raised you well!

    Happy Anniversary, and God bless you both!

  9. So fun! I would love to see a blog post on "aha" moments while teaching... :)

  10. Put the button on my blog! (It's on the home page...looks a little different since it's not blogger, but.. :)

  11. I'm so excited for you both! Happy Blog Birthday!

    My question is how have you developed your blog and gained the followers you have? I am currently trying to make my blog a bigger part of my life and am researching how to publicize it.

  12. And I made a post about your giveaway.

  13. And I added your button to my blog. :D

  14. Hi Lauren and Mikaela!!!
    I think your new style looks great☺
    My question is...what made you want to start a blog?


  15. I put your blog button on my blog...

  16. Mikaela and Lauren: I believe that as you honor the Lord Jesus in honoring your parents that you will always have a clear word for others. Your blog posts come from your life, received and given. I would encourage you to continue to speak the truth in love- define life through the Word of God- keep talking about real building character, movies and how do they affect your affections,modesty and family relations are all so "now"...the gift God gives us is to enjoy the present and see the delights in the seemingly mundane even...being a mother of nine I am thankful for this as I do laundry and make meals etc. Gods definition is so Big on each small aspect of life and I believe you have the gift and creativity to give a message to people whose language is being stolen from them and they may not even realize it. You give it back in the small pieces that you do and it is very valuable.Thank you and may your blog continue to prosper as God is glorified -not unto us but to Your name be glory O Lord. Love from a mother who is blessed by your labors and I do share your blog with others even though I am not a blogger and I hardly know how to comment,I am learning.

  17. Looking good around here, ladies! I love the new design, the buttons for your blog, and of course, the posts that you prepare for us! I love the video idea too. :)

  18. I added the new blog button to my blog! Love it!

  19. I am now following Ara on her personal blog, Shilah! Thanks for the suggestion!

  20. I am so excited, and I am following the "Shy Girl" blog. ;) Congrats guys!

  21. Hey, congrats guys! SO excited for you both! I am following the "Shy Girl" Shilah on her blog. :)

  22. I have always been encouraged spiritually by your blog ever since I starting reading about a year ago! Love the new design and keep shining in this little corner of the internet for Christ!

    In Christ,

  23. Oh how lovely! Congratulations on your blog turning two :)
    By the way, I love your new blog look!

    Please enter me!

  24. Question:
    Do you get very much negative feedback on/through your blog?? What is your normal reaction to rude comments? Do you usually publish, then answer them? I've gotten quite a bit of negative feedback on my blog and I'm just looking for encouragement and suggestions on how to reply to them...

    Love you, girls!! So blessed to know you.

  25. I put your new button on my sidebar...

  26. Congrats on the anniversary!

    I guess my question would be... Do you follow other blogs that aren't Christian related?


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