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A Little Taste of Heaven

We are home from an exhausting but delightful weekend of camping near the ocean with our church family. It was a beautiful, exhilarating few days.

With three adorable babies under the age of two, there was always a little body to hold and cuddle!

We had planned as well as impromptu music sessions, and what an encouragement it was to praise the Lord with others.

Then there was "The Great Canoe Race." Notice Lauren's determined expression, and my firm grip on the oar behind her. We weren't going to give up without a fight!

Even if that fight was against three boys with equally determined facial expressions.

Oh! Neck and neck! Who is going to make it to the dock first?

Well, the boys won, but we still had plenty to smile about after such a fun time on the lake.

Delicious food, soccer, frisbee, volleyball, dirt, achy muscles, and seven excellent sessions on Romans 6 combined to make our third annual Family Camp the best ever. I have a feeling that, come next week when the suitcases are unpacked, and the laundry is completed, and the grogginess from three consecutive late-nighters has dissipated, and the muscle aches have relaxed, we will all be looking forward to the fourth camp with great anticipation. As one man commented to me: "This must be something like heaven--constant fellowship, feasting, and worshipping God." I can't help but think he's right--though heaven will be exponentially better than any earthly comparison possible.

All pictures taken by Mama.


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time, hopefully a chance to rest and relax!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I love it when we do camp outs with our church! I am looking forward to a fun and enjoyable vacation with my family in August!

  3. Sounds like everyone had fun and the pictures are super cute!

  4. seems you had a real fun and enjoyed the trip with your church family. I am constantly reading you blog and so happy there's a kind of blog like this in the blogsosphere who shares life fun and happiness with God's grace.

  5. I look forward to one day having a family of my own and doing things like this with them. My family isn't very good about being close to each other, but my husband's family are. I agree that times like that (of fellowship, food, and worship) are a glimpse into heaven. Glad y'all had fun!

  6. Thanks Queen, Victoria, and Lindsey! It was indeed a blast!
    sEy--thank you so much for your sweet words. It encourages us more than you know to hear that God is using our small corner in your life.
    Samantha--you have already made the most important step of vision and desire; I think your family is well on it's way to being a beautiful, Godly, fun-loving bunch. ;-) I appreciate so much your faithful comments. Thanks!

  7. Mikaela, I love that you and Lauren are always faithful to respond back! Family is so important to me, and your words of encouragement back to me made my day. :)


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