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Time to Face the Music

Here you are...the long-awaited, much-dreaded, requested-by-few video clips of our family making music together!
The first video was taken just a few months ago when our family did a program for a local senior group and retirement home. We had so much fun playing for those lovely people, and here is just one of the pieces we did--"Fairest Lord Jesus" played by our quintet. Admittedly, it is far from perfect, but we have an amazing 10 year old cellist (Micah) and a 12 year old violinist (Susanna) who even claims the melody for a while, not to mention us old people, including Melanie on the piano. (-: Mikaela, sadly, is cut out of the video, but you can hear her beautiful first violin part nonetheless. Enjoy!

This second video is from a benefit concert Mikaela and I did for our local Caring Pregnancy Center almost a year ago. That was such an amazing experience...I can't believe it's been a year already! The video quality on this is not great (I look like a ghost, but believe me, I was live and well!), but the audio is fine--as if it could be otherwise with that grand piano! Mikaela begins the clip with an introduction, and because of the low audio volume for the words you will probably need headphones to hear that part. However, if you don't have time for this interesting but lengthy history on "Morning Has Broken", skip to about 1:45 on the video.


  1. Thank you so much for posting these! It is so exciting to see you playing as a family and I look forward to hearing more from the Cash Quintet. :)
    I can also hardly believe it has been a year since your benefit performance for the CPC. That was such a wonderful, beautiful concert! Oh, and I really love "Morning Has Broken," and it was so wonderfully done.
    Keep making music for the glory of the Lord and the blessing of others! :)
    Love you both!

  2. Beautiful! It is so special to hear "sibling harmony". :o)Thank you for praising the Lord with your music!


    ps - whenever I hear the tune "Once for Every Man and Nation" I think of you two! ;o)

  3. Both of those videos are very beautiful,
    I especially like the second one "Morning has broken."

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Aww, thanks you guys...I loved seeing these! I especially liked the piano duet, but I'm partial to piano. :)
    You are very accomplished, and from what I could tell you looked lovely too. :D
    Post more videos anytime!
    Kelsey :o)

  5. Ruthie--Thanks for your encouragement! I will definitely miss seeing your smiling face in the audience at our concerts, but I will be praying for you tomorrow!
    Rebecca--actually, it's quite amazing, because the first few times we siblings would try to play together, we struggled, both relationship-wise and music-wise. Now, we have great fun! And I'm glad to know we were successful at engraining that song in your head! (-:
    Abby-You're very welcome! Hopefully someday your brothers will be able to play duets with you, too!
    Kelsey--So happy to oblige! (-; I'm glad you could tell anything, with the quality of the video, but you're very sweet! (-: Now we need some examples of your music!

  6. [gasp] My daughters play this too!



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