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Born Is The King of Israel!

Christmas Eve began with a family gathering around the fondue pot...

...and continued with a contemplative, worshipful service at our church, complete with our quintet performing O Holy Night! That's Lauren and Susanna on violin, Mikaela on "viola" (playing a violin but transposing viola clef into the violin's range), Micah on cello, and Melanie (not in picture) on piano.
When we arrived home again, we feasted on the second fondue course--dessert! Angel food cake, strawberries, pineapple, oranges, and banannas made the melted chocolate a bit more
healthy, don't you think?
Finally, the last tradition of Christmas Eve was completed--everyone got to open one present which was, of course, brand new pajamas! This year, everyone matched in plaid (including Mama and Papa)--that's Mikaela, Melanie, Susanna, Lauren, and Micah holding Jonah.

Christmas morning!

Two families arrived around noon, and we finally got dinner on the table, despite working around the many phone calls Papa had to deal with from work. (He was on call Christmas weekend, and had to go into work once on Christmas Eve and twice on Christmas day.)

Prime rib, bleu cheese potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, green beans, spinach cranberry salad, Jell-O salad, a vegetable tray, rolls, and various pickles and olives gave us plenty to feast upon!

Here, two teams get down to business and compete in one of the many games we enjoyed that afternoon.

Isn't she precious? This little girl is never short of arms to hold her at our house!

Jesus' "birthday cake"--we all sang happy birthday to Him before eating our weight in dessert!

The day ended with a delightful time around the piano as we sang new and old favorites, worshipping God and thanking Him for the incredible gift that we commemorate at Christmas time--Jesus coming to earth as a babe.
I hope your Christmas was as merry as ours!


  1. Looks like a wonderful-goot couple days! A very merry Christmas to you! (♪And a Happy New Year♪). Cya!
    P.S. Nice scarf! ;p

  2. Hi Lauren and Mikaela! Merry Christmas!

    Your posts are always so enjoyable--you guys make me laugh...My favorite post so far was the one where the Starbucks flooded while your mom was there--truly epic and hilarious :)
    Well, I am coming out of my silent "lurking" here to ask if you ever videotape yourselves/yourselves+siblings playing your instruments? If so, you should post a video sometime!! I am a fellow music lover (and play the piano) and I think it would be super fun to hear you!
    Thanks for sharing your life out here in blogosphere--I am challenged by you often...
    your sister in Jesus... Kelsey :o)

  3. Thanks Sarah--I thought you might like the scarf (to everyone else: it was my Christmas present from her ;-).
    And Kelsey--thanks so much for introducing yourself! I feel so very honored by your compliments and the fact that God's challenges in our corner of the world have challenged you in yours. And you know, you may be in "luck," because we just dubbed several performances to DVD last week to send to our grandfather in Spokane for Christmas. Thanks for the idea--hopefully I'll post something in the next couple of weeks!

  4. I love the pic-filled posts - you do such a great job of presenting them!
    Looks like you had a most blessed, scrumptious and fun-filled Christmas. :)
    I second the request for video posts of your music - that would be great!


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