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Introducing the Next (Toothless) Itzhak Perlman!

I have a new student, and one who is preparing to take the music world by storm: Jonah Adam.
Jonah's career as a musician began this July with a trip to several Portland violin shops to hunt out the perfect violin. He ended up with an adorable 1/8 size violin that is his treasure and delight! This is only the stepping stone, however, to much bigger plans (and instruments): playing the viola.
This is the story, then, of the birth of a musician, and Jonah would love for you to follow how he began his journey into music this summer.

He couldn't wait for our first lesson! Here Jonah is concentrating very hard to make a "perfect bowhold" for y'all!

Behold: a bowhold above all bowholds--this is the gold standard by which all others are judged!

A model violin student, my little brother is standing straight and tall in an excellent demonstration of rest position.

He's a seven year old boy. What else can I say?
(He also informs me that his birthday is in approximately 9 1/2 months and 9 days! I'll have to start thinking about my gift!)

I love teaching Jonah, and it has definitely been great sibling bonding time. As we work through proper position, the parts of the violin, and how to play Twinkle Twinkle, we are also having the best time ever together!
And, according to the virtuouso himself, the best part about learning the violin is "that I'll get to play it soon!" Who could say it better? And it sure is a good thing you don't need those front teeth for the violin, Jonah, 'cause we all think you're pretty cute without them!


  1. How exciting that Jonah is learning to play the violin! I hope I have the opportunity to hear him someday. : )
    Lauren, it was great talking to you and Mikaela yesterday evening! Both of you are a delight! : )

  2. Aw! Cute pics! Well, if he's anything like his sisters, he'll be taking over the violin in NO time!! :)

  3. Awesome! Another violist-to-be is on his way to the concert hall! Now, just remember, viola jokes are going to hurt his self-esteem, so watch it! :)


  4. Oh, thank you Ruthie! I always look forward to seeing you too!
    Thanks Raquel--I'll pass on your encouragement to Jonah!
    As a semi-violist myself, you can trust me, Ben, to shield Jonah from the anti-viola minds out there. What kind of a world do we live in, anyhow? (-:

  5. Too fun Lauren! He looks like he's having a blast already! The kidergarten class had their first violin lesson today...we don't have a violin as of yet, but the time it took to make their foot maps consumed their attention span. :p It's so cool to start a new student since Utah! Tell Jonah that I expect him to show me everything he's learned when next I see you all!

  6. I'll pass your challenge along, Sarah! Jonah is still decorating his foot ongoing project I guess!


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